Graceful Gardens Plant Collections

Don't know where to start? Let me help! I have gardens for every situation including plans so you don't even have to think. Just get your trowel! Our specially created gardens come with 32 plants and eight different varieties.

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Cottage Garden Sampler

We offer eight perennial varieties (4 plants of each variety for a total of 32 plants) that have come to symbolize the essence of the English cottage garden. It is also an excellent choice for beginners as we choose plants that require the least amount of fuss! The collection includes the staples like delphiniums, foxglove, hollyhocks, and lupines. We'll fill the rest of the garden with tried and true favorites. This collection also comes with a general planting plan to assist you in finding the best placement of the plants.

Made in the Shade

A perennial garden that can not only handle shade during the peak hours of the day but actually thrives in such conditions. This collection is a selection of easy to grow plants in a variety of heights and colors to brighten up the darker corners of the garden. Our choices have worked well in our shady, western side of the house bed. There are eight varieties for a total of 32 plants along with a planting plan. Included in this collection will be: Alchemilla, Aquilegia, Digitalis, Heuchera, Monarda, Campanula, Primula and Viola.

Hummingbird Haven

Every year I can hardly wait for the first Hummingbirds to arrive in our garden. We make sure they want to stick around so we grow the flowers that they just can't resist! In this collection we've put together 8 varieties of annual and perennial flowers (for a total of 32 plants) and includes a planting plan. We've seen hummingbirds spend countless hours feeding from blossom to blossom as well as numerous butterflies. Included in this collection will be: Delphinium, Aquilegia, Digitalis, Heuchera Firefly, Lobelia, Lupine, Penstemon, and Cleome.

Farewell My Deer

Once you become a gardener, the sight of a deer is no longer an exciting occasion. Often deer find your garden much tastier than their usual dinner fare. With this collection, we try and make the deer see the error of their ways. We've selected the varieties (32 plants) that we have found the deer would prefer not to touch. Although deer, when desperate enough, will eat anything, we've found our selection are the ones that are usually left behind.